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2 x 2 hour lessons  |  $100 per person

Sun 7 Oct, 2pm-4pm -Lesson 1 Theory

Sun 14 Oct, 2pm-4pm - Lesson 2 Practical

You will know how to use your sewing machine and overlockers well, but have not yet ventured into sewing stretch fabric. You are looking to learn the techniques required to successfully sew with stretch fabric. Then this is the class for you!

Over two sessions, you will learn the knowledge and confidence to sew with stretch fabrics.

Here's what we'll cover.

Lesson 1:

Before the class - you will need to select a pattern that you’d like to make - no need to print instructions, just know what the pattern is (or bring pattern from Spotlight etc). If you already have fabric that you’d like to use, bring it so suitability can be discussed. Good pattern companies to look at are Pattern
Emporium, Sinclair Patterns, Patterns for Pirates, Greenstyle Creations, Love Notions, Waves & Wild (and about a million others!).

At the class - Intro to Stretch, Theory

  1. Types of stretch fabrics (samples to see/feel, swatch books available to buy (or pre-order).

  2. Needles & threads, clear elastic - what to use & why.

  3. Working out stretch %, is it 1-way/2-way/4-way.

  4. Tips for cutting & sewing.

  5. Options for hemming.

  6. Sample necklines & how to ensure they are stretched evenly.

  7. Discuss patterns that have been selected (see 'Before the class' note above) and discuss suitable fabrics. Sizing help is available if required.

  8. Discount code for Lush Fabrics will be provided at this lesson.

Lesson 2:

Homework: Buy & pre-wash fabric, cut pattern, cut fabric if confident to go ahead.

At the class - Practical work

  1. Bring in pre-cut project and instructions - only print if really necessary, pdf files can be viewed on tablet or phone to save paper.

  2. Bring your overlocker, if you have one, or your sewing machine (overlocker is much quicker). Bring your machine manual in case of any issues. Bring matching threads (for overlocker, matching thread is only required for the left needle, the other threads won’t be seen on the outside.

  3. Begin sewing garment, with assistance from the teacher as required. Please ask questions, additional tips will be provided along the way. Studio coverstitch machine can be used for topstitching and hemming - you will need two matching threads - either a spool and a bobbin, or two spools.


  • Option to attend an extra Lesson 2, please book into your preferred session.

What we'll provide:

  • Sewing studio.

  • Fun vibes in a professional environment.

  • Use of coverstitch machine.

  • Professional experienced teacher - Rachel Walsh of Miss Pepper Sews, who is highly experienced with sewing with stretch fabric. On a daily basis, Rachel is fulfilling orders for active wear. Rachel is an experienced seamstress who also specialises in making costumes - for stage or private functions.


  • $100 to attend a Lesson 1 + Lesson 2.

To Book:

Please purchase a ticket on our Shop page here.

Minimum 3 people are required to run a class, so tell your friends!




While Rachel can sew anything, her passions in sewing are activewear and dramatic costumes. Rachel is highly experienced with sewing with stretch fabrics and wishes to share her extensive knowledge with you so that you too can create with this versatile option in fabrics - from activewear tops & bottoms, to practical loungewear, to the essentials in pregnancy wear.

Rachel is also a resident at Studio Subi. If you wish to book an appointment for a custom creation with Rachel, please email

When not at her impressive collection of sewing machines, Rachel can be found in the park with her dog, Olly, on the running track, or helping to organise the next parkrun.


Please note that once booked, tickets are non-refundable. You may however transfer your ticket to another participant. Should a workshop be cancelled due to Covid restrictions your workshop will be rescheduled or you will be given a 12 month credit to rebook when we reopen.

When arriving, attending and leaving the workshop, it is your responsibility to follow all safety precautions. Upon booking, you agree that you are fully responsible for your property and physical safety during the workshop. Studio Subi and your workshop teacher hold no personal liability or responsibility for any damage, loss or theft to personal property, or any physical injuries that occur during the workshop.

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